fuel pageBradenton Fuel Oil specializes in fuel. We have a wide range of selections of fuels for your every need. The fuels that we carry are as follows and if you don’t see a fuel here, please call us today to see if it’s in stock or if we can get it for you.

Marathon Gasoline: Marathon Gasoline Fuel helps to prevent deposit build-up in your vehicles, which can adversely affect the performance of the engine and driving experience. By adding quality fuel, it helps the performance of your vehicle, and helps to maintain the fuel economy.

REC Non-Ethanol Gas: Ethanol gas is corn-based so it can be gritty. Non-ethanol gas is not gritty and won’t clog your engine once added. It has a smoother performance and is popular with high-performance engines.

Kerosene: Kerosene is a fuel that is light and is obtained by distilling petroleum. Kerosene fuel is used in jet engines, domestic heaters and is sometimes  used as a cleaner.

LS & HS Diesel Fuels: Diesel fuels are very different from gas and kerosene fuels. Diesel fuel ignition takes place without a spark, but as the result of compression of the inlet air mixture and then injection of fuel. Diesel was invented by a German scientist who originally designed his engine to use coal dust as fuel.

DEF Fluid: Stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. This product is required for diesel engines and it is designed to reduce emissions of diesel exhaust going into the environment.

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