4 Steps To Easily Change Your Boat’s Bradenton Motor Oil

To prolong the life of your boat you must change the Bradenton motor oil every 100 hours of operation. Here are 4 easy steps for you to help expand the life of your boat.

Just as cars need to have their oil changed frequently, the same goes for boats. Certain boats require regular oil changes and how frequently will be determined by the model. Bradenton Fuel Oil offers a multitude of lubricating oils for your boat. The best thing you can do is change the Bradenton motor oil at least once per year.

We can provide all of the oil needed to make your oil change seamless and easy. Today we’re sharing the 4 steps to change the oil to prolong your boat’s life.

Step 1

If your boat is in the water, turn on the engine. If your boat is on a trailer you will need to supply water for the gearcase. The boat needs to be warmed up to at least 130 degrees. Place outboard motor flusher over the water intakes. A hose will supply water to the engine via the motor flusher. After 5 minutes turn off and remove dipstick.

Step 2

Insert the oil extractor suction tube into the dipstick tube and slide all the way till you can’t anymore. Suction out the Bradenton motor oil.

Step 3

Hold a rag around the oil filter and carefully remove with a wrench.

Step 4

Replace the dipstick and fill the engine with new Bradenton motor oil.

Make sure to not mix automobile oil with boat oil. The lubricating Bradenton motor oil we provide goes through tests to make sure they withstand the pressure of the machinery they are capable of helping. They are pressure tested and temperature tested to make sure they are up to date with the requirements of your job.

You can view all the lubricating oils we provide here.