Why Lakeland Automotive Lubricants Are Essential For Summer

Lakeland Automotive lubricants are not something you want to skip on your summer checklist, here’s why.

Traveling is common during the summertime; no school and holidays encourage it. During this season, everyone drives to the beaches or even the springs in Florida. This makes vehicles an important tool to getting around. It’s imperative that we take care of them, especially during the summertime.

During the summer, Florida’s temperature increases dramatically compared to throughout the year. On a summer day, it doesn’t take long for an engine to overheat. Due to constant exposure to heat, as well as moisture and air, your oil begins to oxidize.This causes your oil to thicken and takes a big toll on your engine.This isn’t good news for your automotive; excess heat can be prevented with Lakeland automotive lubricants.

Here’s why Lakeland Automotive lubricants are important:

Cooling agent

Lakeland Automotive lubricants are pumped through small engine passageways lubricating all moving parts while acting as a cooling agent to reduce engine heat. As mentioned, your engine will overheat more easily during the summertime. Lakeland automotive lubricants will assist preventing overheating.

Reduces friction

Lakeland Automotive lubricants prevent friction from occurring between moving parts. Without the lubricant, surfaces will begin to rub against one another and can decrease engine service life. During the summer depending on your engine and driving style, the oil can be consumed quicker than you think. This is why it’s a good idea to get this service done before and frequently during summer.

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