BioGuard Plus 6™ for diesel: diesel fuel additive

Are you in need of a diesel fuel additive that can help increase the performance of your vehicle? Then look no further than BioGuard Plus 6™. Here’s why BioGuard Plus 6™ is the diesel fuel additive for you to buy and use for your business’ vehicle.

BioGuard Plus 6™diesel fuel additive

BioGuard Plus 6™ has in it the industry’s most effective microbiocide. What does that mean? A microbiocide prevents the growth of biological materials, such as bacteria and helps reduce the risk or corrosion in your engine (and fuel tank).

This product also contains a diesel fuel additive that is multifunctional in design, and has a stabilizer in it, detergent, and a substance that can help improve lubrication.

BioGuard Plus 6™ also can help clean injector deposits, which means that your engine power and performance will increase. That can save you considerably on maintenance and repair.


We Will Deliver To You

Did you know that at Bradenton Fuel Oil we always have our customers in mind, which is why we try and make things as easy for our customers as possible? That’s why we offer delivery. We can deliver your fuel to your place of work at a scheduled time.

You Can Order Online


diesel fuel additiveNot only do we make delivery easy, but we also make ordering easy as well. We offer online ordering. There are just a few things that we ask when it comes to online ordering:

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  • After filling out these forms, send them by email to karen@bradentonfueloil.com.

If you have any questions about BioGuard Plus 6™ for diesel or any other diesel fuel additive, contact us here at Bradenton Fuel Oil and be sure to purchase some today. We can help you with your fueling and refueling needs.