St. Petersburg Ethanol Free Fuel : Three Benefits You Need To Know

Are you searching for St. Petersburg ethanol free fuel in the area? Here are three key benefits to using ethanol-free fuel.

Number 1: Better Gas Mileage

Oil mixed with ethanol, otherwise known as ethanol gas, has been proven to be less fuel-efficient. It is corn-based so it can be gritty, which can cause clogs in your engine. This causes your engine to work harder than it needs to, which of course negatively affects your engine’s fuel efficiency. 

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Ethanol-free fuel, on the other hand, is energy-rich pure gas. Ethanol-free fuel is also commonly known as non-ethanol gas. Non-ethanol gas is not gritty and won’t clog your engine once added. This means that it is able to provide more power when burned and gives it a smoother performance, making it very popular with high-performance engines. More power = better mileage = more bang for your buck. 


When compared to regular and premium gas mixtures, non-ethanol gas is not only better for your overall mileage, but also the environment. This is one key benefit to choosing St. Petersburg ethanol free fuel for your engines. 


Number 2: Less Harm to Your Engine

It’s no secret that the cost of repairing engines frequently can be tough on your wallet, particularly when the equipment is older. Ethanol is a natural corrosive, so higher blended ethanol fuel will damage equipment sooner than ethanol-free fuel. It’s also important to know that some older model engines were not designed to run on ethanol mixed fuel. 


When switching to St. Petersburg ethanol free fuel, your mind will be at ease knowing that you’re using cleaner fuel in your essential equipment. If you’re already convinced that you need St. Petersburg ethanol free fuel, but aren’t sure what company to use – learn more about what to look for when shopping around.


Number 3: Reduced Dependence on Ethanol Crops

You might be surprised to learn that engine fuel can have a direct impact on your local economy. How so? Ethanol is made from agricultural products, like corn. When more drivers choose fuel mixed with ethanol, the cost of corn increases. In turn, this affects crop prices for local farmers, leading them to charge higher prices for local products in order to produce more fuel. Ultimately, this takes away from production for consumers,  like farmer’s markets and grocery stores. However, the use of St. Petersburg ethanol free fuel takes the pressure off of the corn industry and allows us to be less dependent on crop production for fuel.  


Choosing the right St. Petersburg ethanol free fuel can be tough, especially with so many options on the market. Bradenton Fuel Oil proudly serves our local communities in southwest Florida and is honored to have been doing so as a family-owned business for over 40 years.

If you’re located in the St. Petersburg area or any of the other counties we serve and considering switching to cleaner fuel, we hope you’ll find these three key benefits helpful in your decision. For more information on making the switch to ethanol-free fuel, contact us today!