Diesel Exhaust Fluid

At Bradenton Fuel Oil, we are now offering Bradenton Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a non-hazardous, easy to use operating fluid. It is a mixture of deionized water and synthetically made urea that is carefully regulated by the American Petroleum Institute.

A great advantage to diesel exhaust fluid is the fact that it optimizes combustion, increases power, and reduces maintenance. Not only does it better the fuel efficiency and is highly reliable but it offers less wear on the engine. Bradenton Diesel Exhaust Fluid requires more room in your truck and adds very little weight to the truck.

DEF is closely regulated and has precise requirements for maintaining chemical purity. Bradenton Diesel Exhaust Fluid is also less toxic than many other fluids including engine fuel and brake fluid. Call Bradenton Fuel Oil today to learn how we can better assist you with this high-end product for your truck or machine.